Why choose Escape Artists?

Escape rooms have exploded in popularity across the world because of their ability to offer a unique and engaging team building experience. In order to escape the room, employees and team members must use problem-solving, communication, and leadership skills – while significantly improving team relationships as well as having fun!

Academic credentials and intellectual prowess won’t get you very far in this game – a combination of different personalities and skillsets is the only sure-fire way to victory. Keeping in line with the wider escape room industry, we have a low escape rate but have found that larger teams and those with diverse team dynamics are more likely to be successful.

Skills & Abilities

Our corporate sessions offer a unique and challenging opportunity outside of your workplace environment to develop your team’s interpersonal and soft skills. The games are designed to give all players equal opportunities to contribute to the team’s success – you just never know what skills your team possesses which you may be unaware of!

  • Problem Solving

    Both our experiences use an array of different puzzles and clues which will encourage innovative thinking and a level head!

  • Communication

    Escape rooms require you and your team to be constantly communicating. Teams that succeed are ones that not only communicate effectively, but also listen to everyone’s contributions rather than just one dominant leader’s.

  • Leadership

    Escape Artists will allow you to observe natural leading and teamwork ability in a neutral environment outside of your office’s hierarchical structure.

  • Relationship Building

    Escape Artists allows for your team to bond outside of the office. Locked in a room for 60 minutes, your team is forced to communicate and work towards a common goal – to escape!

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Corporate Rates

To find out more about corporate rates or how Escape Artists (the highest rated Halifax escape room on TripAdvisor) can suit your team’s requirements, please contact us directly. You can reach out via the email form below or call us directly at
(902) 266-5503