Catacombs: The Hidden Passage

Unearth the Unseen Depths of the Paris Catacombs


Embark on a vacation like no other, where the streets of Paris hold a hidden secret – Catacombs: The Hidden Passage. What starts as a journey through history transforms into an escape adventure, testing your wit, courage, and cunning.


Trapped beneath the city, the air grows thin, and time becomes your adversary. But salvation beckons. Complete the quest of the diabolical tour guide and take on mind-bending challenges. Decode cryptic messages, navigate dimly lit passages, and unravel ancient puzzles.


Embrace the darkness, summon your bravery, and conquer Catacombs: The Hidden Passage. Unearth the unseen and book your escape now – an unforgettable adventure awaits.


As you descend into the depths of the Catacombs, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of history and intrigue. This is no ordinary underground – it’s an ancient labyrinth of bones and secrets, waiting for you to unravel its mysteries.



Perfect for

Small teams

Good to Know

Some areas with dim lighting